Monday, October 24, 2005

Riding the Wind

Riding the Wind
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"A leaf was riven from a tree,
'I mean to fall to earth,' said he.
The west wind, rising, made him veer.
'Eastward,' said he, 'I now shall steer.'
The east wind rose with greater force.
Said he: ''Twere wise to change my course.'
With equal power they contend.
He said: 'My judgment I suspend.'
Down died the winds; the leaf, elate,
Cried: 'I've decided to fall straight.'
'First thoughts are best?' That's not the moral;
Just choose your own and we'll not quarrel.
Howe'er your choice may chance to fall,
You'll have no hand in it at all."

-Ambrose Bierce


Lisa said...

Thanks to everyone for their concern and kind comments -- I'm still having trouble with carpal tunnel, but am feeling a bit better. I still need to take it easy, but really missed posting! :)

alexandra said...

Hi Lisa, just popped by on the off chance and, happily, found you'd sneaked in here to post. Hope things improve, soon, with the CTS.
Meanwhile, noticed your new look. A face revealed. ;-)

blackdaisies said...

welcome back my dear :) this is absolutely beautiful!!

glad you are feeling a bit better but take it easy and look after you my dear :)

Michelle Mitchell said...

Lisa, good to see you back. Remember take it easy lass. Health first!

Really like thw picture you have here. Autumn-love it!

Sidney said...

Good to see that you are back!
Take it easy till you fully recover!

Audi said...

Glad to see that you posted again. Hope your carpal tunnel gets better soon.

zedek said...

Beautiful poem also, but I like yours best!