Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Red Dragon on a Yellow Leaf

Red Dragon on a Yellow Leaf
Originally uploaded by Lady-bug.
A brilliant red dragonfly came along
and made my heart sing a little song.
He landed nearby on a fuzzy leaf of green.
the brightest dragon I've ever seen.
He moved his eyes as my camera clicked. . .
a nicer spot we couldn't have picked.
After awhile I just sat and stared
I talked to him, and he really cared.
I reached down finally, and put my camera away.
He then flew off without delay.
"Thank you", I thought, as I got off the ground.
That little dragon had me quite spellbound!
Some time later I had such a surprise . . .
My dragon came back to socialize.
He came and landed on a bright yellow leaf.
I blinked my eyes in disbelief.
I quietly took my camera out again
before he'd take off like a tiny airplane.
He posed so nicely for another minute . . .
the colors just right, and perfectly lit.
I thanked him again as he flew away.
This dragonfly has made my day.



alexandra said...

Amazing colours in this one, made all the more poignant by your wonderful verse, Lisa. Bravo!

zedek said...

What a beautiful poem, Lisa!