Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Make a Splash!

Make a Splash!
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"As each moment goes by, fill it with positive, productive, and joyful little things. They'll soon add up to something big."

-Ralph Marston


alexandra said...

I really like today's quote and have snippet it into my journal. I try each day to have at least one happy moment! And you? ;-)

Lisa said...

Hi Alex,
I'm so glad that you liked this quote, and what a great idea with regards to your journal.
I actually had a wonderful day today because my mom and a friend of hers came to visit me. They traveled to Boston, so I took a half day off of work to meet them. It was so hard to say goodbye though. :(
I'll post a picture tomorrow. :)

zedek said...

And you said your parents never visited... ;-)

Hey, Lisa, have a good day!

This was a really good quote.

Love, Z

Sidney said...

Great quote today... and the birds are lovely!