Thursday, September 29, 2005

Best Friends

Best Friends
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My mom (on the left) and her best friend Cindy, who came to Boston to spend time with me yesterday. We had such a wonderful time, and I was so happy that they came. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye after a few hours and go back to work.

"Friends are angels sent down to earth to make good days and help us find our way."


alexandra said...

How I wish I could spend even a few minutes more with my mother. Cherish these moments, Lisa, as I know you probably do. They're priceless, as is this picture of happiness. :-)

blackdaisies said...

I know I commented on this already but looking at it again, I have to say that beyond loving the photo - I am enjoying the obvious connection between these two. It is always so lovely to see such a warm and wonderful connection between friends, makes me smile all over! : )

zedek said...

Hi Lisa,

I am glad you got to see your Mom!

Love, Z