Thursday, June 09, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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This was taken on a short walk with my father up the street from where I grew up. Until a few years ago cows would be wandering around in this field. Our neighbor, the farmer passed away last year.


alexandra said...

It looks gorgeous, just the sort of place I'd be happy to live. And do you still live nearby?

Lisa said...

Hi Alex - since I got married 14 years ago I've lived across the state in the Boston area. It's about a 3 hour drive away, and I don't get to visit as often as I'd like. Thanks for your comment!

zedek1973 said...

That is very beautiful. It is sad how things change sometimes.

alexandra said...

Now I know why it looks homely, I lived in Williamstown (the college town) near North Adams, for three years. It's a small world. ;-)