Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sisters with Santa

My sister Kathy and I with Santa Claus in 1970, I believe. On Saturday my blog will be a year old . . . this was a Christmas gift to me last year by my husband, Phil. Taking pictures and sharing them with you all has been the highlight of 2005 for me. Happy Holidays, everyone! Peace and love to all in 2006!


Michelle Mitchell said...

I just love looking back on old photos.

Congrats on the year, some super pictures you have shared with us-thank you
a very happy and healthy christmas to you and your family. talk to you in 2006!

alexandra said...

That looks like a shot full of memories, Lisa. I hope you are still sharing them even now. And yes, congrats on the blog-burpday! And long may you continue to entrance us with your views of nature.

Merry Christmas.