Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Little world in a dandelion

Little world in a dandelion
Originally uploaded by Lady-bug.
"The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world."



zedek1973 said...

Lovely photo, Ladybug!

Alex said...

Flowers, you have flowers growing near you? Drat! Oh, nice shot btw. ;-)

Lisa said...

Thank you for the kind comments, Z and Alex. I appreciate you stopping by. :-)

G N Bassett said...

Taraxacum Officinale (I couldn't resist showing off)

I was going to say something deriding the common dandelion, but then anonymous goes and venerates the darn thing so eloquently. Oh well, I'll just settle for nice shot.

zedek1973 said...

Do you like butter?