Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Knot in Motion

Knot in Motion
Originally uploaded by Lady-bug.
Keeping things in balance
sure isn't easy
When you're tied up in knots
and feeling kind of queasy.

I know I must slow down
'cause things are looking blurry
Get rid of this frown
and stop being in a hurry.

I must focus on the music
and look toward the light
I know I have the power
to make the future bright.


blackdaisies said...

Ah my dear ... it sounds like me before Christmas ... its so easy to get lost in the blurr and whirr of knotted emotion and too much tick tock ... luckily time is relative and love is lasting and smiles come easier when passed along ... I pass along one to you! :)

I love your poem and this photo, very beautiful, wonderful blurr ... so much beauty created ... thanks for sharing!

RainKing said...

This looks extremely cool, I gotta say. The sense of movement and the grain work great. Excellent idea.