Friday, December 24, 2004

Pretty Poinsettia

Pretty Poinsettia
Originally uploaded by Lady-bug.
This was my Mother-in-law's poinsetta, which I took a picture of today while visiting.
Merry Christmas! :-)


frame of mind said...

Welcome to the community, my dearest:-)
I'm looking forward to seeing this little corner of the web develop!

Shoelace said...

Great to see another new comer!! I look forward to viewing your photos :)

orange said...

Welcome to the blogging community. Looking forward to seeing your work!!!!

blackdaisies said...

beautiful pointsettia ... welcome to the addictive world of photoblogging : ) I am very much looking forward to watching your leaf grow and expand with colour and beauty :)

Merry Christmas!!

Duke said...

Welcome Ladybug. This is a lovely way to start you photoblogging career. I'm looking forward to more leaves from the Ladybug's perspective. ;-)